The Senses – Here and Now

An observation of 3 of each:

I hear: the whippoorwills outside, Nonny & Poppy’s old mantle clock ticking, the creaks & moans of the house.

I feel: the smooth hospital blanket under my toosh, soft carpet underfoot, the lovely Rose Garden pendant Linda gave me resting on my heart.

I smell: lily of the valley, pistachio nuts and peaches.

I taste: peaches, cinnamon and honey.

I see: tons of Norwegian literature, family pictures and a very old stamp collection.

Now it’s your turn . . . .

P.S. My spelling sucks tonight. I just know it does.



2 thoughts on “The Senses – Here and Now

  1. I hear the cows mooing in the field
    I feel the keyboard under my fingers and the weight of the book I am off to read on my lap
    I smell the coffee in the percolator just waiting for me to pour
    I taste the rich and tangy flavor of the pomegranate and cranberry juice I drank earlier
    I see a collection of postcards from my friends, the cats tail it swishes back and forth under my desk, and the light as it casts a rainbow of color on my bedroom floor.


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