Morning Pages

The Morning Pages

I’m sitting on the front porch at sunrise. This has got to be one of my favorite things to do. Watching silently as Mother Nature wakes up. Hot cup of coffee next to me. Hush…hush….. Be still now. Good morning Mr. squirrel! Oh, hey, dove! I hear you coooo-coooooing. You cardinals over there – with your cherry red and brown tufts of feathering? I see you! Any tree creepers want to come out front and center? I can hear you on my left. Love the natural surround sound. Skeeters! I know you’re right here, lil’ boogers. Sucking the living daylights out of my ankles. Top of the mornin’ to yee Mr. Frackle Fly! Aren’t you all pretty sitting on the brick post by the front door?

You spiders over yonder have been busy all night spinning webs, weaving canopies over the tips of the spears of grass. I know, because I can see the sun reflecting off your silky work. All the moisture from last night’s rain is still clinging to the webs and emerald green blades of grass shooting up from the ground reaching for the Sun. The air is moist and thick, very humid.

Just heard the woodpecker make the morning announcements. Dogs barking. Waking up.

Ok, now, the Blue Jays are getting a head start on taunting Doughy. She’s crouched down in the grass, taking cover. Woops! Now she’s sharpening her claws on D’s car tires.

Two squirrels are just hightailing it across the power lines. Everything will be okay as long as they don’t kiss or touch. Then it would be Barbecued squirrel!

Oh, look! A roly-poly! And here’s Piggy! All the Foofsters usually stop by and visit with me when I journal up front. I am a happy cat magnet! In the span of a few moments, Fuzzbutt and the neighborhood cat were sitting face-to-face. They vanished-just like that!! Morphed somewhere. Shapeshifters, they are unique in their powers… minute they’re here, next minute, poof! Gone!

There’s a swarm of gnats dancing around in a sunbeam. Dragonfly just landed on the grapefruit tree to sun her wings. Nature’s solar panels. Blackbirds caw-ing.

Bubba just came by, spotted something on the ground, crouched down, did the little fanny-wag cats do just before pouncing. Tentatively reached out with his paw…..touched. Brown butterfly sprung up to escape his grasp. Bubba goes airborne in an attempt to catch the butterfly. The butterfly wins. Bubba’s acrobatic prowess is stunning! He leaps up in the air, all four paws outstretched, and like in slo-mo, haaaaangs in the air like something out of Crouching Tiger. On hyper alert, eyes wide open, walrus whiskers all prickled out. Bubba swipes to the left! Bubba swipes to the right. He misses! The agony of defeat!

…..a brief interlude ensues…..

Bubba just spotted Mr. Pig coming over from Penny Lane. They spend a lot of time over in the ditch and thickets hunting for mice and sleeping under the neighbor’s red truck. Bubba saunters over to Piggy. They do their “man cat” S-walk-butt-sniffing routine, bump heads and rub lips. After all the hugging, something fans the hairs of Bubba’s butt-hole and sends him flying. Oh my god!!! Can’t make this up! Blue Jay just dive bombed Bubba and Pig. Bubba looking none too happy about it, either! He’s got that indignant look, you know? Unmistakable. Ears pressed back, ticked off looking eyes.

Suddenly, I see shadows of birds moving across the lawn, can’t see the birds for the lush canopy…..yepp, I love my morning pages….