What is Love?

love IS THE Word, IS a Divine Force, IS harmony, IS attunement, IS light, IS laughter.

love IS also a river that flows long and wide and deep all at once

love IS eternal, IS energy, vibration, surrender and a matter of the heart

I believe love IS sacred, pure, hopeful, free, gentle, kind, and peaceful

it is honorable, having the highest regard for another human being, healing and sweet

love is risk – both emotional and physical

it is an enigma, not leaving, having no fear, a gift, a feeling

love is two hearts beating one, creativity, listening, daring to share another human being’s pain and suffering

. . . daring to walk in their shoes.

What is love? HA!!

I haven’t a clue what love is!!

I’m merely trying to shed light on what I’ve learned from having experienced what love is not!

love is crazy, that’s what it is!!